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Outtalent is an online accelerator that helps software engineers from countries like Russia get jobs abroad at companies like Google. You pay only if you get a job at a top company of your choice.

About Outtalent

Outtalent (YC S19) helps outstanding engineers around the world realize their potential on a global scale, independent of what’s said on their passport. We offer an online program designed and led by engineers and engineering managers from companies like Google, Facebook, and Stripe that covers distributed system design, algorithms & data structures, and personal branding.

100% of our last batch participants got an offer from either Amazon, Facebook, Google, or Microsoft. On average people got more than 3 offers from either Amazon, Facebook, Flexport, Google, Microsoft, Reddit, Spotify, Stripe, TikTok, Uber, or Yelp.

You can check if Outtalent is right for you by filling in this form that should take ~2 mins: outtalent.com/check

About Outtalent Docs

Our mission is to help people from all countries set and achieve ambitious career goals together.

We hope information from this website will help you achieve ambitious goals and realize your full potential despite immigration challenges.

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