Programming language for interviews

The most popular languages in top large tech companies:

  • Software Engineer / Backend Software Engineer / Full-Stack Software Engineer: Python, C++, Java, or JavaScript.

  • Frontend Software Engineer: JavaScript

  • iOS software engineer: Swift, Objective-C. Google will ask to choose a language like Python, C++, Java, or JavaScript.

Please note if you are applying to top tech startups Ruby works well too.

While some companies and interviewers will be ok interviewing you in a language outside of that list we highly recommend learning one of these languages because:

  • You will be able to apply to a wide range of companies and roles.

  • Knowledge of more than one programming language is a good sign while knowing only one language or only older languages is a bad sign.

In addition to the most common language functions we recommend learning about:

  • An "idiomatic" way - leveraging useful language idioms that other languages don't have (e.g. list comprehensions in Python).

  • Object-oriented syntax (e.g. inheritance).

  • Lower-level implementation of data structures and algorithms to make sure your code is efficient.

    • In C++ you need to know how to use pointers efficiently.

Last updated: 2020-06-01.

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