LinkedIn photo

Our recommendations for photos written based on common real problems we saw:

  • Smile

  • Avoid

    • Wearing a suit

    • Photos that look like you are on vacation or in a nightclub

    • Photos where you are receiving an award

    • Photos where you are giving a speech

    • Photos where you are with another person and it may not be clear which person is you

      • Note that people from other countries may not know your gender based on your name

    • Graduation photos

    • Passport photos

We highly recommend using Photofeeler to get unbiased feedback on your photos. It's free, it just requires you to rate other people's photos too.

Examples of profile photos that we think are great:

Our recommendation for LinkedIn cover photo (only based on real problems I saw):

  • Make sure it’s a high-resolution photo

  • Avoid

    • Sending a potential message you are interested in a different profession (entrepreneurship instead of engineering)

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