Common English mistakes
We strongly encourage using the most modern spell-checker. As of 2021-09-25, we believe the best is Grammarly.
For now, we mainly work with engineers whose first language is Russian. Here are common mistakes we see among them, including real-world examples. We believe this list should be applicable for people with other mother tongues as well.
  • Typos
  • Singular vs plural
    • "3 LeetCode problem" -> "3 LeetCode problems"
  • Spelling
    • "recomendations" -> "recommendations"
  • Articles
    • "Solve problem Reverse Nodes in k-Group" -> "Solve the Reverse Nodes in the k-Group problem"
    • "Conduct coding interview" -> "Conduct an coding interview" or "Conduct one coding interview"
  • Prepositions
    • "Read through 3 chapters via the CCI book" -> "Read through 3 chapters of the CCI book"
  • Missing words
    • "Record a video and share on Telegram" -> "Record a video and share it on Telegram"
  • Verb tenses
    • "I founded one mistake" -> "I found one mistake"
  • Correct word order
    • "Read the Grokking the System Design 1 lecture" -> "Read 1 lecture of the Grokking the System Design" or "Read the Grokking the System Design (1 lecture)"
  • Punctuation
    • Some people write a list of phrases in the resume without using dashes or bullet points.
    • Long phrases in bullet points don’t need a dot at the end, but if it’s a sentence without a bullet point use a dot.
  • Casing
    • Start all bullet points with an uppercase letter.
    • "software engineer" is mentioned as a job title -> "Software Engineer" is mentioned as a job title
    • "Senior Software engineer" -> "Senior Software Engineer"
  • Extra spacing
    • "Solve the Wild Card Matching problem" -> "Solve the Wild Card Matching problem"
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