Top Companies

We either directly partner with those companies or help apply to those companies.

Top companies receive an excessive amount of job applications and often have to rely on quick decisions while reviewing people's resumes. This means candidates who went to famous schools or worked for famous employers get an extra advantage while many strong candidates from less known places are often passed on.

In order to address this problem for our Outtalent fellows, we vouch for those who successfully graduate our program to engineering managers, recruiters, and other employees we know at top companies. We think such recommendations help great candidates get noticed and help employers notice great candidates.

These lists show what companies Outtalent helps. We hope all software engineers will find them useful for discovering great companies, whether the engineers want to apply by themselves or with our assistance.

Recommended multinational tech companiesRecommended US-only startupsCompanies that hire remotely from almost any countryClimate change companiesOther companies

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