Outtalent's Target Companies

Outtalent partners with executives, teams, recruiters, and regular employees of the following companies.

We vouch for successful graduates of Outtalent to our partner engineering managers, recruiters, and advocates within companies to make sure our successful graduates get invited to interviews and special attention in general.

Here is the list of companies we are focusing on. In brackets, you can see how far our graduates got with those companies as of 2021-04-28.

  • Adobe

  • Airbnb (invited to interview)

  • Amazon (offers in Cambridge, Dublin, Vancouver)

  • Apple

  • Asana

  • Atlassian

  • Bloomberg (offers in Frankfurt, London)

  • Booking.com (offer in Amsterdam)

  • Cisco (offer in Oslo)

  • Coinbase

  • Databricks

  • DeepMind (offer in London)

  • Facebook (offers in London, Menlo Park)

  • Flexport (offers in Amsterdam)

  • Google (offers in London, Warsaw, Zurich)

  • HBO

  • IBM

  • LinkedIn

  • Lyft (invited to interview)

  • Microsoft (offers in Dublin, Prague)

  • Netflix


  • Oracle

  • Palantir (offers in London)

  • PayPal

  • Reddit (offer in San Francisco)

  • Salesforce

  • Slack

  • Snap (invited to interview)

  • Spotify (offers in Stockholm)

  • Square (invited to interview)

  • Stripe (offers in Dublin, London)

  • Tesla (invited to interview)

  • TikTok (offers in London, Singapore)

  • Twitch

  • Twitter (invited to interview)

  • Uber (offers in Aarhus, Amsterdam, Vilnius)

  • Upwork

  • Yelp (offers in London)

These target companies are hiring only in the US and you need to have work permission in advance:

  • Discord (invited to interview)

  • Figma

  • Open AI

  • Segment

  • SpaceX (invited to interview)