"Ridiculous Resume Rule"

We noticed that most people forget to include important positive details in their resume. In order to address that we came up with what we call the Ridiculous Resume Rule.

Ridiculous Resume Rule: Look at each statement in your resume and imagine the most ridiculously bad case of that statement still being true.

For example, if you mention a company that is not well-known then this company:

  • consists of 1 person,

  • who just came up with a company name,

  • did not register the company,

  • doesn't have a proper business idea,

  • did not make anything,

  • doesn't have any customers.

If you mention that the company has customers then we suggest to imagine that the only customers are founder's friends.

Often times during this exercise we realize that the company we are discussing actually has very prominent customers.

Here are examples of how you can apply this rule.

Example 1: Original statement: ”2018 Semifinal” (mentioned in the Awards). Ridiculous assumption: "The candidate was ranked last in that Semifinal." Improved statement: “37th out of 250 in the 2018 Semifinal.” Example 2: Original statement: “developed an app”. Ridiculous assumption: "The app wasn't launched, has no users, and doesn't work." Improved statement: “developed an app that reached 50,000 downloads in the first 7 days." Example 3: Original statement: “XYZ University”. Ridiculous assumption: "This is the weakest university in that country." Improved statement: “XYZ University. XYZU is ranked #3 in Eastern Europe and Central Asia by Forbes.”

We believe this rule will help you make sure recruiters and anyone else reviewing your resume will have the best possible truthful assumptions about your experience.