Resume: format

Our basic recommendations:

  • "Resume" is a synonym of "summary" or "brief account", so keep it short. One page - if you graduated recently and a maximum of two pages if you have several years of work experience.

    • Some people treat resumes as complete work history. We encourage you to store your work history but suggest doing it somewhere else.

    • Focus on what's relevant for the specific role.

    • Use relatively short bullet points rather than long paragraphs.

  • Use the PDF format, not Google Docs, Microsoft Word, or a website.

    • Companies use the type of software called ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) to process resumes and review candidates and all good ATS are optimized to work well PDF resumes, but few might work well with Google Docs or Microsoft Word.

  • Use simple and consistent design, font, sizing, and spacing.

  • Use black color.

  • Make main links clickable. Examples:

    • your online profiles: GitHub, LinkedIn.

    • your employers

    • your projects

  • On LinkedIn make sure everything appears only in English.

In order to stand out, we recommend using Overleaf to build your resume.

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