LinkedIn: company name

We recommend making sure every organization on your resume has a high-quality logo.

  • Sometimes you just need to update the name of the organization so that it links properly to the organization's profile on LinkedIn.

  • If an organization exists consider contacting them to ask to improve their logo.

    • For example, Tilek is an alumnus of the American University of Central Asia (AUCA). AUCA had an ad saying something like “Check out our new campus” as a part of their logo. Tilek messaged them asking to change it to a proper logo. He explained that it is a tiny, but important detail for AUCA alumni careers. They understood and improved the logo which now helps thousands of other alumni.

    • If the organization doesn't exist or is hard to reach we recommend showing your leadership skills by creating a profile for that organization on LinkedIn. This will help not only you but also everyone else related to this organization. Later you can transfer administration rights to the rightful owner.

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