Writing: Goals

When you write your goals make sure:

  • You are using a valid phrase.


    • Missing a verb:

      • "2 Pramp interviews" -> "Conduct 2 Pramp interviews" or "Pass 2 Pramp interviews"

      • "interviewing.io" -> "Conduct 2 interviewing.io interviews"

  • Goals help people understand what exactly you are planning to do.


    • "Use 1 Kaggle ML model" -> "Copy 1 Kaggle model, feed into input and view output"

    • "Refreshing memories on 20 LeetCode problems" -> "Read through 20 previously solved LeetCode problems and all optimal solutions"

    • "Remember examples of situations where I took the initiative." -> "Remember and write down 3 or more examples of situations where I took the initiative."

    • "Read CtCI - 1 chapter" -> "Read CtCI - Chapter 3 - Dynamic Programming."

    • "Update LinkedIn" -> "Update LinkedIn according to the guide" or "Make sure all the information on LinkedIn is up-to-date"

  • Goals are focused on results, not the process and their accomplishment can be clearly measured.


    • "Read the CtCI book" -> "Complete the first 5 chapters of the CtCI book"

    • "Try to use ML for my diploma data" -> "Get results from an ML model for my diploma data"