Writing: Goals

In general, we recommend familiarizing yourself with the concept of SMART goals. In addition to that, here we list our own specific recommendations based on common problems we have seen with goals.

  • Use a valid phrase


    • "2 Pramp interviews" -> "Conduct 2 Pramp interviews" or "Pass 2 Pramp interviews"

    • "interviewing.io" -> "Conduct 2 interviewing.io interviews"

  • People can see what exactly you are planning to do


    • "Use 1 Kaggle ML model" -> "Copy 1 Kaggle model, feed into input and view output"

    • "Refreshing memories on 20 LeetCode problems" -> "Read through 20 previously solved LeetCode problems and all optimal solutions"

    • "Remember examples of situations where I took the initiative." -> "Remember and write down 3 or more examples of situations where I took the initiative."

    • "Read CtCI - 1 chapter" -> "Read CtCI - Chapter 3 - Dynamic Programming."

    • "Update LinkedIn" -> "Update LinkedIn according to the guide" or "Make sure all the information on LinkedIn is up-to-date"

  • Your goals are focused on clearly measurable results, not the process


    • "Read the CtCI book" -> "Complete the first 5 chapters of the CtCI book"

    • "Try to use ML for my diploma data" -> "Get results from an ML model for my diploma data"

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