Resume: leadership & awards

Leadership, awards, clubs, charities, volunteering

We suggest to have these as separate sections or merge them into one.


  • Make sure it's clear how important your awards are.

    • Make sure the competition scope is clear: city-level, country-level, regional, or global.

    • Clarify how many people or teams participated in the competition.

    • If your award is not internationally well-known then readers will likely assume the award is not international and very small. Make sure to clarify the importance. See Ridiculous Resume Rule.

    • Make sure your international competitions are clearly visible. You can separate local and international awards into 2 different sections.

    • Many competitions give 1st and 2nd place to many people and “2nd place” can be understood as a prize given to tens of people. If you are the only person who got 2nd place say “absolute 2nd place”.

  • Rewrite “First”, "Second", etc as “1st”, "2nd" etc so that it’s easier to see what awards were more impressive.

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